Wales and Edward Engineers

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  1. Ron Cottle says:

    Can anyone help me with the Nuffield Tractor side of Wales & Edwards, as I am trying to restore one and cannot find very much information.

  2. Eddie McIver says:

    I worked at W&E from 1976 – 1989. They were with out doubt the happiest days of my working life. We all took pride in the manufature of vehicles some of which still operate today!
    There were so many characters and crafts men that worked for W&E many of which are no longer with us. I can still remember many of the vehicle models and specifications to this day. How sad is that!

  3. Niese Cramphorn says:

    My husband and I went to the works to discover if W&E could make a vehicle that could be used by Horizon Air Lines. I went shopping while my husband and his boss checked out the works. We started in northern Scotland and worked our way through Scotland stopping at every airport to view the electric trucks. An order for several thousands of dollars of vehicles were ordered. That was a wonderful trip with wonderful memories. I am sad to see that the works is closed. I am planning a trip to that area and wanted to go by again.

  4. Malcolm Boswell says:

    I worked for W&E Vehicles as a young engineer between 1959 and 1963. My boss was the Chief Design Engineer George Gash. Managing Director was Mr. Pocock. His secreatry was Evelyn Batho. Alan Gawler was the Sales Manager. It is my belief that George Gash designed both the Electric and two cylinder Diesel vehicles. Mervyn Morris was the shop foreman with a huge input to the production design. I moved to Greenville South Carolina in 1975.

  5. Bob Cooke says:

    I worked for Unigate as a Chargehand Electric Vehicle Fitter in Cardiff from 1958 to1981. I love Wales and Edwards Vehicles.

    • Michael Greatrex says:

      Hi Bob, I remember them days working with you Arthor, Vic. and jimmy. It was a long time ago 1968, you could say a life time. Hope you are well. Michael Greatrex

      • Bob Cooke says:

        Hi Michael,
        I still miss working on the vehicles but not the rain and cold weather. They were really good days.

  6. James Wood says:

    I have driven & 3wheel & 4 wheel electric milk floats from 1970 -73 when I worked for a local dairy co then from 73 when I ran my own retail dairy til 2003 when I started to concentrate more on my hire busines, but today I have been to a vintage tractor show & have seen a Nuffield tractor which had a plate indicating it had been sold new by ‘Wales & Edwards’ is it the same Co which built the milk floats

  7. Hugh Battersby says:

    Saw a W & E milk float on its way up Coton Hill to do deliveries on Thursday am. Sadly, couldn’t get the operator’s name. It must have been working for well over 30 years.

  8. rob white says:

    I currently drive a wales and Edwards two speed on my round in the midlands

  9. Michael mennell says:

    I have 1979 w & e milk float I was wondering if I can get a replacement windscreen for this from any where

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