T. Corbett Perseverance Iron Works

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  1. I am a small cheesemaker and use a press by T.Corbett. It is in perfect working order, and is my favorite. It produces great cheese and I am very pleased with it. We are located near Monmouth.

  2. Linda Evans says:

    I am also a small cheese maker and own a T. Colbertt cheese press. Dad bought it in 1996 and we have used it constantly up until this April (2011) when it was replaced with a stainless steel equivalent. I prefer Thomas Colbett’s design as our new one isn’t nearly as pretty! It is still in working order. Near St David’s .

  3. Ed Peterson says:

    have aquired a Thomas Corbett Exhibition First Prize Cheese Press. Not sure all parts are there? Looking for pictures of others to compare.

  4. Lynda Hall says:

    I am researching a Corbett Eclipse corn dresser on loan to the swannington mill in NW Leicestershire. I would be grateful to receive any information about Thomas Corbett, his work and family. My aim is to create a small display by the machine to explain its use but also to create interest for visitors. Thank you Lynda Hall

  5. Steve Williams says:

    Hello I am the Facilities manager at Salisbury Cathedral. We have in our possession 2 x coal trolleys that carry the badge of Corbett & Peele whom i imagine are the same as discussed above. These items are soon to be auctioned.

  6. Llewyn Dowling says:

    Hi I found a plark which has some sort of coat of arms it has an loin and a horse then corbett & peele. Perseverance Iron, Works, Shrewsbury england. I found it with a metal detector at Crookwell N.S.W Austrailia around a old inn, I am a little puzzeled about Peele, I love history and would like to find out more about this item, can we help each other.
    Address. Llewyn Dowling 30 oroin st Yass nsw 2582 Austrailia, or email llewyndowling@yahoo.com.au
    Cheers Llewyn

    • Keith says:

      Re comment from Llewyn, I have just obtained an identical rusty plaque as part of a lot that I bought in an auction. It is slightly convex from top to bottom and therefore must have been fixed to a curved surface. I wonder what??

  7. Len Joynes says:

    I have a clover barrow drill in very good condition. We are shortly moving house and unable to keep it. Does anyone have an idea as to it’s value

  8. Vicky N says:

    I am a distant relation of T.Corbett (& family) and would love to be able to access the website dedicated to them. When I click on the link – it doesn’t work, is there another way of accessing this site? Thanks

  9. Gordon Mckay says:

    i have just bought a horse plough at a sale near crommer i have cleaned it up and i am going to use it at the brailsford ploughing match tomorrow 2nd oct on the plough in the casting is cast the name Thomas Corbett shrewsbury patent RBM No 5 what i would like to know is what coulor would it have been painted.. thank you

  10. Norma Fox says:

    Sorting out a desk drawer I found a spring paper clip which was the only ‘antique’ I inherited from my parents! OK it’s not farm machinery but I thought someone may be interested. It’s 3 inches long and is inscribed T.CORBETTS patent and is quite ornate. Possibly an promotional gift? Or an early manufacturing effort? Forerunner of bulldog clips? Any ideas?

  11. Nicky and Mark Blackburn says:

    We have found a ploughshare on our land with T Corbett Shrewsbury HL2 R.A.S.E First Prize 1888 (0r 1898 – the last 2 numbers are not clear on the date). Does this suggest that other plough shares were cast with this on it as the result of a prize given by the Royal Agricultural Society to T Corbett or is it a one off given to an individual for a competition e.g. ploughing? It would be interesting to know. Thanks.

  12. Roy says:

    I have an old plough with a single furrow which I use as an ornament in the garden with Corbett and Peel Shrewsbury in the Casting. I would like to know a bit more about it and the approximate year of manufature if possible

    Many Thanks

  13. Pat pape says:

    We found a plough at the front of Hills Health Ranch, 108 mile town in British Columbia, Canada. It had a plaque on it saying Thomas Corbett, Shrewsbury. Should have taken photos of it.

  14. Mrs Irene Evans says:

    I have come across copies of letters written by my grandfather Moses Williams Gellyfawnen Farm Glanaman dated 1907 and 1908 to Mr Thomas Corbett. Would you like copies of these.

  15. Lorraine and Steven says:

    I have one of these in my possession, can someone tell me what I have, what its worth and does anyone want to buy it from mehttp://www.madeinshrewsbury.co.uk/resources/userfiles/Corbett_Iron_Works/album/fanningmill/t/t_corbett_fanning_mill.jpg

  16. Jane says:

    I have just purchased a cheese press by Thomas Corbett. It is in need of a tidy up but it is an amazing piece. I live in Ohaupo, New Zealand.

  17. T.Joynes says:

    I have a clover and grass broadcast barrow drill which is 12ft in length. Name states it was manufactured by Thomas Corbett perseverance iron works Shrewsbury. Would like to know the more about the year of manufacture or any other information available.

  18. Matt says:

    Have just found spike harrows with T. Corbett Shrewsbury stamped on it, would like to know more. It was found on a farm in South Wales.

  19. Bob Quantrill says:

    I have a corn dresser made by Thos Corbett It is marked as a A5 patented Eclipse machine it is almost complete except for two sieves which i would love to know what they were so as to try and replace them I have already replaced the metal cover of the blower and all is working, If i can sort out the missing sieves it is my intention to add it to our show unit which is traveled around shows , it is a collection of kit from the 30’s and onward with a fully working thresher onwards

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