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  1. Yes, I used to go past the Harlescott factoy about 4 times a day and would delight in seeing the females leaving, wondering if they had their Silhouette girdles and bras on!
    I was a leacherous sod!

  2. David Bishop says:

    I have fond memories of Silhouette and Staff.Before emigrating to Australia I was wages manager at the Market Drayton factory. Harry Wilding, Mr D’Apice and many more, especially my delightful office staff, Heather,Christine, Anne, all I lovingly recall let alone many of the girl machinists, not forgetting the mechanics and I could go on . They were good days,and Silhouette one of the greatest and fairest companies to work for.

    • Lynn Barden (Dales) says:

      I worked in the Shrewsbury wages dept as a junior with Harry Wilding, Norma Alport and Margaret Walker in 1976 – 1977. I loved it there. I left to live in Hong Kong and have since lived in many placed doing many jobs. I now work as a legal Cashier/Office Manager in Gloucester and have finally got back to doing the job I started out doing SALARIES. Lovely to see this clip.

  3. Jack says:

    I remember I bought my girlfriend the little x panty girdle which had just come out, and was advertised in womans own I think. She was over the moom. She phoned her friend who had the ordinary little x to tell her. Yes the 1960’s were so good.

  4. great article Nigel. Did you realise our house was built in the last MDs garden at the redlands. Hope all is well Tony

  5. Al says:

    I see the Little X in black is making a comeback ! All good things return.

  6. john cousins says:

    I tried to contact a girl who used to work there they called her Lorraine utting when I knew her if any body knows her ask her to email me at thanks

  7. Margarete Sachweh says:

    Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
    I am searching for a former school fellow namend Susan Wilding (maiden name) and her family, the Wilding family. Her father Mr. Wilding worked at the “Silhouette-Factory” in Shrewsbury. The last known address is: Hardwich Drive, Copthorne / Shrewsbury. They sold the property in the 1980. I got this information from the new owner and it agree with your internetside. Maybe there is someone in our “Silhouette-community” who can help by the search for Susan and the Wilding family. I would be happy for some feedback per mail. Kind regards from Germany.
    Yours Sincerely
    Margarete Sachweh (maiden name: Bruhn)

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