Memories of Chatwood – Part 1

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  1. G Ralf says:

    I reckon you were a 1st Degree bodger then.
    Without a doubt 1st class and possibly top in your ‘trade’ Learner never a refresher course not really need eh?

  2. Thanks,Georgina-I was just a cocky` know it all `lad then(I suppose nothings changed except my age!)but I can still `bodge` with the best of them!!

  3. Lawrence Boyne says:

    Hi Allen
    I started as an apprentice at the Chatwood Safe company in 1954.
    There was no training school then and I went into the sheet metal section ant then into the tool room and then the drawing office . I was there when it changed to hall engineering and I worked for a while as an estimator in the auto body area. I left in 1961.
    I e njoyed your artical as it brought back great memories.
    Kind regards

  4. Brian Curran says:

    Allen (Bodger)
    When you had the Douglas, I had BSA’s,I remember you talking me into going to a pub in Shifnal 40+ years ago when you were playing the organ (good at it too).
    The last I recall was that you were going on cruise ships or something.
    Remember Fruit (Malcolm Hughes)who had a Greeves, after 50 years still a good mate.

  5. Brian Curran says:


    I had BSA’s when you has the Douglas.

    I remember you asking Gill and myself to a pub in Shifnal, the only time I heard you play (you were good)

    I was apprentice from 1959 to 1964, it is the annual reunion tomorrow night , I will see many OLD faces once again.

    Brian Curran

    I tried to post a message for some reason it didn’t work.

  6. george downward says:

    hi allen, I was an apprentice at halls engineering , I started in about 1969, I remember a lot of the names you mention ,,bert alexander was forman I was in the training school with walter hartly a great bloke ,. I had a problem with my triumph 21 so he let us strip it down in the training school, I also made a working steam engine when I was on nights bert was amazed when I plucked up the courage to show him, lots of good memories ,not long after leaving halls I started playing drums with shrewsbury bands phil bees ,white lines, soul party shade de ja vu, ect regards george

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