Chatwood Milner

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  1. David P.Jones says:

    Read by David Jones Ex Chatwood who joined the Shrewsbury Works in 1955.

  2. We at Trans Guyana Airways Limited (Correia Group Of Companies) have a walk in safe with combination locks and a gate. We have only one key for this gate. The # is 616. Is it posible for us to have 2 spare keys? What other information would you require?

  3. Brian Sixsmith says:

    Most informative

  4. Jon Gibson says:

    We have an abandoned Chatwood & Milner safe in our workplace which we have no key – There is a ref number of Y35760 painted on the front. Is there any way that we could obtain access by calling out someone or getting a duplicate key?

    • Lee Crompton says:

      Hi, a key could not be created from the serial number . The safe would have to be opened first then a key could be cut to the lock . The price would depend on what model / grade the safe is..
      Does the safe have 1 or 2 locks fitted ? Or if you could send a clear picture I could provide more info . Thanks, Lee

  5. Raymond Golding says:

    I have bought a safe which was once owned by Woolworths and I have the combination but find it impossible to use the dial correctly and would be grateful for advice on how to achieve this. I now need to open the safe and start using it

    • Lee Crompton says:

      Hi, use the mark at the 12 o’clock position on the dial ring to open the lock .

      If you have 3 numbers :
      Turn dial anti clockwise stopping on the first number the fourth time it appears at the 12 o’clock mark .
      Turn dial clockwise stopping on the second combination number the third time it appears at mark.
      Turn dial anti clockwise stopping on the third combination number the second time it appears at the mark .
      Turn clockwise until dial comes to a dead stop and won’t turn any further ( do not force dial ).

      If you have 4 combination numbers :
      Turn dial clockwise stopping on the first combination number the fifth time it appears .
      Then anti clockwise stop on 2nd No 4th time it appears.
      Clockwise stop on third No the 3rd time it appears.
      Anti clockwise stop on 4th number 2nd time it appears .
      Then clockwise to unlock .

      Or if it says manifoil then its different again !
      Any probs just email and I should be able to halo

  6. P Evans says:

    I’ve got a chatwood and Milner safe, with a dial combination lock, is it worth more than just scrap value?

    • Lee Crompton says:

      If the safe is in working order and decent condition then it would be worth more than scrap to the right buyer … but it depends on model / size / age / location etc .
      Thanks, Lee .

  7. Steven Yates says:

    Hi I have an old Milner safe of London and Liverpool
    Just says milners on the front and where the key goes says grade 2 It’s open and no key painted In a brown all metal is it worth anything

  8. jeffrey says:

    We have a Chatwood Invincible safe that is surplus to requirements. Any idea of value and who may be interested in it? In perfect working order. Can send pictures to interested parties.

  9. I believe we own the only Chatwood safe left insitue any where in the world it was fitted inaprox1888 at the London and Midland Bank in Aire Street in Goole in East Yorkshire we found it 4 years ago behind panelling the door is about 5ft 6″ tall and the room behind it must be 8ft tall and 9ft deep in there are two more safes but I don’t know what they are . Could any one help I am looking for a plate to go on the safe door what we today would call a “Logo” even a copy would do .Any information on it would be useful as it is soon to be listed. It opens soon as a restaurant and it would be nice for people to see what it is and how rare it is

  10. P. Dickens says:

    We have a C.M. key opening safe with a single lever handle to open on the front. The safe is in regular use and we have a key.
    Who could change the lock on the safe for us?

    • P. Dickens says:

      Since posting this request, I have been able to track down a specialist locksmith, who has dealt with C.M. safes since being trained as an apprentice some 30 years ago. He was able to do exactly what we required for a very fair and reasonable price. The firm he works for is based in Brighton & Hove and is a registered member of the national Master Locksmiths Association.
      Something we considered important. The firm’s website is:
      He also informed us that the C.M. safe is still one of the best that we could have.

  11. I wonder if it might be possible, please, for you to kindly put me in touch with my old colleague, David Jones who worked at Hall Engineering, Chatwood-Milner and later Chubb before retiring to runa Cheshire Home in Knutsford. I last saw David in London about 20 years ago. Thanking you.

  12. Rabih says:

    I live in Beirut Lebanon, I bought an appartment in which existed an old chatwood safe with 2 keys, unfortunatly during our travel to paris my wife bag was stolen and inside as well the two keys, is there any way to have duplicates?
    Thank You

  13. Lynsey Williams says:

    Hello. I have a very old Chatwood safe with patent #76 on it. Have tried to do some research on it but am struggling. Would you please be able to help?

  14. Mark Murphy says:

    Hi just wonder in if any one cud help me I got a Bolton chatwood fire resister code on front15927 it sez in side chatwoods patent 76 newcate St London E.C. Bolton & Manchester n the key says 15927 Shrewsbury on otherside chatwood invincible

  15. maggie davies says:

    I have a Cahwood-Milner minor model safe for sale – can you give me an indication as to how much its worth – thank you

  16. Samantha says:

    I have a key for a chattwood safe but I am looking to have the key duplicated but am unable to find anywhere in my area, could you give me some advice on where to go or what to do for this please. I’m in the Hackney area (East London)

  17. Gajanand Soni says:

    We have a chatwood safe with double door. we are from INDIA-Rajasthan-Jaipur (Pink City). it’s weight near about 1500 kg. i think. it’s antique. my Mob. No. +91 9610610001. plz call to me if you are interested

  18. Mandy pine says:

    I have a chatwood metal box with logo inside saying the chatwood safe co ltd Shrewsbury it has a silver handle with chat wood engraved on it. The key is missing and the box has been cut thru the look unfortunately. Do you think it could be repaired and is it worth anything. It was used as a safe during the 1980 Americas cup as has man overboard instructions and stickers. Would be interesting to find out
    Many thanks mandy

  19. Lee Tomes says:

    I have a Chatwood Milner mechanical lock that works with 4 combinations. On the dail it has the CM logo. The door strong room door has a number engraved B31447. I have the last know combination number but can not open the lock. on the dail there is a space between zero and hundred (0 and 100) of +- 40 degrees. I used the sequence starting clockwise 5-4-3-2 but to no avail. Help needed or a manual will be highly appreciated

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